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A sudden urge to urinate due to loss of bladder control can disturb you anytime and anywhere. Dealing with urinary incontinence can often become difficult at times and make you physically conservative in work, travel or even having fun. And for family members or caregivers supporting elders who are bed-ridden or forced to be inactive post-surgery, changing the diapers, preventing skin-rash and ensuring the room is free of odour and germs can often be the most challenging task of the day.


Seeking medical attention gives you the best possible options to cope with the situation surely. However, apart from medications, there are many incontinence or hygiene and safety products available beyond just adult diapers that are sure to help users and care. These are easily available on heyzindagi.in and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.



1. Magna Adult Diapers

      by Romsons India


•  Medium to high urine flow   •  Refastenable tapes  •  Skin-friendly  •  Lasts up to 8 hrs  •  Economical pricing  •  Wetness Indicator

Ideal for cases of medium to high urine flow due to incontinence or loss of bladder control, Magna adult diapers have an open style design. Has a a high absorption rate that allows for 8-10 hours of use time - suitable for night time use. The two-layer super absorbent core has been tested to hold up to 700 ml of fluid without resuting in leakage. Know More

2. Friends Adult Diapers (Easy Wear)

      by Nobel Hygiene India


•  Dual core padding  •  8-10 hours dryness  •  Wetness Indicator

The leading brand of Adult Diapers in India, Friends Easy Adult Diapers allow wearing time of about 8-10 hours. It is capable of avoiding leakage and keeping skin dry even in case of medium to heavy urine flow. Additionally, it comes with a wetness indicator band in the front that enables you to determine its changing time. Know More


Pullups / Pants-style diapers

1. Dignity Pullup Diapers

      by Romsons India


•  Underwear like waistband  •  Brief like leg openings  •  Easy to wear  and remove  •  For active individuals

These pant style diapers are ideal for individuals with incontinence who are relatively independent of caregivers for assistance. They provide a higher degree of leakage protection and easier wearability compared to classic wrap styled diapers. Ideal for day-time wear and travelling, the economically priced range by Romsons Dignity are great to pick up.  Know More

Under-pads / Disposable Undersheets

1. Mattey Underpads

      by Romsons India


•  High Absorption  •  Silicone Adhesive tapes to avoid slipping  •  Protects bedsheets & mattress  •  Economical pricing  •  Disposable

Mattey Underpads are hygienic aids for bedridden, incontinent patients that give a cloth-like feel against the skin. The sheet-like aid can absorb up to 1 litre of urine and helps keep the mattress clean & dry in cases of urine flow beyond the diapers at night or for bedridden patients. Know More


1. Latex Examination Gloves

      by Coronation India


•  Worn in either hand  •  Hygienic •  Powder lubricated for dryness  •  Disposable  •  Safeguard from infections

Ideal for caregivers and family members aiding loved ones through incontinence, post-surgery rehab and other infectious diseases to dispose of used diapers, clean bedpans and deal with disposable dressing material. The gloves are stretchable enough to anatomically fit on either hand. Know More

2. Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs

      by Etac Sweden


•  Extends reach for self-cleaning  •  Ensures personal hygiene  • 5-year warranty  •. Easy to maintain and disinfect

The Etac Toilet Paper Tong is an assistive product, designed for self-cleaning when using the commode/toilet. Specially designed for patients with limited flexibility in the upper body/arms/back to protect their dignity and privacy without needing a caregivers support. Know More


1. Clean Shower & Commode

      by Etac Sweden


•  Smart design  •  Large sitting area  •  Unique foot support  • Lightweight - just 14kgs  •  Fits over most commodes  •  Anti-Bacterial Coating

This the best shower and commode chair in the world to assist caregivers. The Etac Clean reduces the need to transfer patients with limited mobility across multiple seating/resting points. A much more hygienic, convenient and dignified way to deal with incontinence by scheduling your wards bathroom trips instead of depending on diapers continually. Know More

2. Anti-Slip Treatment for Bathroom Floors (DIY Kit)

      by Lizard Grip


•  Transparent  •  Long-lasting - 5 year warranty  •  Multiple floor types  •  Easy to maintain with regular cleaning 

Making your bathroom safe is the first step to deal with incontinence. The Lizard Grip ensures prevention of accidental slips & falls both for the patient and the assistant/caregiver when stepping in and out of a wet bathroom floor. Know More

3. Safety Grab Bars

      by Etac Sweden / Viking India


•  Non-skid surface  •  Multiple sizes  •  Easy maintenance  •  Modular Design  •  Weight bearing capacity up to 160 kgs

The Grab bars are ideal support & precautionary aid for anyone with weaker footing, weak knee or hip joints or poor balance -highly useful when sitting down on the commode or  moving about the bathroom. They can be quickly installed as well as relocated as per need. Made of ABS Plastic or Polypropylene with high weight bearing capacity, these are bathroom essentials one must have.  Know More


1. Essential Oil Combo for Urinary Incontinence

     by Meraki Essentials


•  100% Natural  •  Alcohol free  •  Body Massage  •  Pure

A combination of 100 % pure Essential oils for aromatherapy that offers a natural way to deal with the symptoms of incontinence. It works well without disturbing any medications - its knows reduce bladder irritation and frequent urination. A light Abdominal massage with a blend of Cypress & Juniper Berry oils for male incontinence and a mix of Cypress & Geranium oils in case of female incontinence regulary comes handy in reducing stress incontinence and loose bladder issues. Know More

While a medical treatment or a surgical procedure to manage urinary incontinence could take time to bear results, ensuring you have your basics covered to deal with the everyday demands that it brings around will definitely keep the smiles in place for everyone.

Do let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments section below - we'd love to take it up and do better everyday.

By Sayani Chatterjee

( Guest Author, M.Sc. Biotechnology)


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