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Varicose Veins and Deep Vein thrombosis (DVT) are circulatory disorders resulting from abnormal blood flow or clotting of blood. They occur when blood begins to accumulate in valves due long hours of continuous standing or sitting. It affects senior citizens due to a more sedentary lifestyle as the years pass by. It has also been studied that they can also arise from a genetic disorder passed down over generations.

Apart from Oedema (swelling / fluid collection), blood clots and pain, varicose veins can often end up impact daily life extensively for long periods of time. Exercise, diet and regular movement are recommended apart from medication by the doctors, but there are non-invasive products that can aid too.

Here are select products from our collection for Varicose Veins that offer a way to deal with the additional symptoms of Varicose Veins & DVT. In theory, these are aids that can assist proper blood circulation, reduce swelling and help ease the pain in the affected area.

Graduated Compression Stockings

Graduated Compression Stockings are designed to create the maximum pressure around the ankle with reducing levels on the calf and thigh. While Class II Compression Stockings in Knee or Thigh Length are the most popular, it is important that you discuss the class (1, 2 or 3) and length (below knee or mid-thigh) with your Varicose Veins Specialist (Phlebologist or Vascular Surgeon) to decide the right product. Nylon and Spandex are the most commonly used materials, but advancements have lead to the use of Microfiber and Cotton to allow for better sweat and moisture levels.

1. Royale Microfiber Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins (Class I & II)

by Sorgen India



• Microfibre Swiss yarn fabric for moisture control• OEKO TEX Certified for Quality • Silicon Anti-Slip Coating (Thigh-length) Reinforced open toe line

These unisex daily wear stockings are perfect for using at home, at work or during travel. Sorgen Microfibre Medical Stockings are available in 2 graduated compression levels - Class I (8 - 18 mmHg) compression stockings offers mild compression to a heavy and tired legs and are more preventive in nature. Class II (23 - 32 mmHg) is more developed for varicose/spider veins, post-surgery recovery, oedema & swelling. Know More

2. Cotton-blended Medical Compression Stockings (Class II)

by Ontex Medical India



• 23-32 mmHg compression level • 25% Cotton Blended Material • Silicon grip on top band to prevent slippage

These specialised medical stockings offer greater comfort than Nylon/Spandex based stockings thanks to the inclusion of 25% cottons and are hence perfect for extended use in summers. Ontex India has specially sourced these stockings for Indian conditions so that they can be used as daily wear with regular & shoes. Know More

3. Medical Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins (Knee/Thigh Class II)

by Tynor India



• Economically priced • Nylon and Spandex (latex free) • OEKO TEX Certified

Tynor India makes products with materials that are highly durable & last longer even after daily use. We offer the Class II Compression Level Stockings for a venous conditioned leg. Being designed as open toe stockings, they are easy to wear and remove. The anti-slip silicon band offers optimal grip without any uncomfortable feeling of being excessively tight around the thigh. Know More

4. Anti-Embolism Graduated Compression Stockings (D.V.T. Prophylaxis Class I)

by Tynor India



• High denier yarn material • Anatomically designed • 8 - 18 mmHg compression level for

These stocks are particularly beneficial for preventing DVT/early stage varicosities and after surgery in case of extended bed rest & limited mobility. These Class I Compression Stockings provide mild graduated compression. The higher spandex content in the stocking ensures a controlled pressure on the limb surface. Know More

5. Firm Compression & Support Stockings (4 way elastic)

by Oppo Medical USA



• 4-way stretch spandex • Super absorbent cotton lining • For Daily wear Non-graduated compression

While these are not graduated compression stockings, they are a great alternate for occasional wear for relief from oedema and muscle pain in the calves and shins due to venous issue. Made of 4-way stretch spandex combined with a cotton lining, it enables a complete range of motion. They comprise of a super absorbent core that helps to keep the skin dry & is anatomically designed to avail a balanced compression. Know More



1. Flexible Infrared Massager (with Vibration Mode)

by Beurer Germany



• Infrared LED touch therapy - Near Infrared • 3-way adjustable handle • Vibration Mode• 4 Acupressure Heads

The Beurer Infrared massagers offer a touch-based infrared therapy that penetrates deep below the skin. They provide natural penetrative heat therapy, which is much better than a contact based heating pad This improves blood circulation substantially thereby aiding in relief from varicose veins. Know More


2. Essential Oil Combo for Varicose Veins (Cypress + Rosemary)

by Meraki Essentials



• 100% Natural • Alternative Massage Therapy • No alcohol content

This combo, a specific blend of 100% pure essential oils, acts as a natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins. Applying a combination of Cypress & Rosemary Essential Oils with Apricot Oil as a base via a light massage has been found to alleviate the pain around the areas affected by circulatory disorders such as Varicose Veins, Spider Veins or DVT. They also aid in improving blood flow. Know More


Daily Living Aids

1. Flexible Elastic Shoelaces

by Lock Laces USA



• Trim-to-fit design • Expand when the foot swells Easy maintenance• Wear with any shoe (sports, casual, formal)• Available in 10 colours

Made of high-quality Bungee Cord specs, these elastic shoelaces have been designed with high strength, expandable material that stretches as per your foot size, even if they are swell up due to long working hours. This ensures that the shoes do not fit too tight to cause a blockage & the blood circulates in a normal manner. This popular footwear accessory can be used on any shoe size and type to eliminate any discomfort during an activity. Know More

2. Heel Socks in Pure Cotton with mineral based Gel Pad

by Oppo Medical USA



• Oil-based heel pad • Absorbs shocks, prevents heel painAll day use• Free size (fits 6 - 10 UK)

These gel-based socks by Oppo Medical offer pain relief in the heel area arising from long standing hours or sudden jerks. Being a sleeve based design by nature, they can be worn all day with a slipper or shoe. The socks have been designed to absorb sudden jerks & to cushion the heel from stress while walking or standing. Made of pure cotton with a sleeve design you can easily pair them with regular compression stocking to relieve heel pain. Know More

If you have any suggestions/queries regarding these products or would like to recommend products, do let us know in the comments section below. To learn more about dealing with varicose veins read our blog on Varicose veins: Avail relief without surgery.

By Sayani Chatterjee

( Guest Author, M.Sc. Biotechnology)


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