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Winter has arrived, and chances are that you have already taken a few steps to prepare yourself for it. Maybe you've updated your wardrobe a bit, or you might have already armed your kitchen with nourishing recipes that will keep you warm. Let's also do a quick check of simple ideas that will reduce the discomfort due to the everyday activities that need to be done in spite of the chill.

We've put together a list of the products that you could invest in including the reasons they make a great buy for the days that lie ahead.

For your bedroom

1. Heated Under Blanket

      UB30 by Beurer Germany


•  3 temperature settings  •  Shock resistant  •  Soft breathable cotton & micro-fleece  •  Hygienic

A Heated Under blanket is the perfect choice for your winter bedroom especially for anyone dealing with arthritis, muscular dystrophy or recuperating after surgery. This particular model allows you to regulate heating levels as per your need for a comfortable sleep and can be hand washed for regular maintenance... Know More


2. Air Humidifier (with Aromatherapy)

     LB 44 by Beurer Germany


•  Aromatherapy ready  •  Large Tank  •  Adjustable moisture levels  •  For mid to large rooms (225 sq. ft.)   •  Low Power consumption & Noiseless Ultrasonic Nebulisation  •  Adjustable moisture release

An air humidifier is a must to tackle the dry winter air. It helps balance the moisture levels of a room that you spend maximum time in when heaters are needed to be used extensively simultaneously. Additionally, you can use air humidifiers to diffuse Aromatherapy oils for relief from cold, congestion or arthritic pains for a restful sleep... Know More

For your kitchen

1. Cutlery Grip For Utensils

      by Tenura UK


•  Easy slip-in design  •  Holds knives, spoons, forks and other cutlery  •  Comfortable grip  •  Washable & Reusable  •  Easy to carry

Slim metal spoons, forks and other cutlery can often be uncomfortable to hold for someone with a weak grip, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or other injuries of the hands. During winters, the finger and wrist joints often tend to ache more at low temperatures and result in a further weakened grip. Using this pair of Silicone anti-slip grips by Tenura UK will enhance your hold over small objects in a jiffy. Its also rather easy to wash and maintain... More Details


2. Anti-Slip Silicone Strips

      by Tenura UK


•  Easy to wrap  • Non-adhesive  •  Pleasant touch  •  Washable & Reusable  •  Non-toxic

These anti-slip strips by Tenura UK will not only thicken the grip of your utensils and increase the comfort level but also create a slip-free layer on top of the most smooth metal, ceramic or wooden based elements at home. Are adaptable to a number of your daily need elements like a cup, handles, door handle, walking sticks, stainless steel grab rails and more... Know More

For your bathroom

1. Anti-Slip Treatment for Bathrooms & Kitchens (DIY Kit)

      by Lizard Grip


•  One time application  •  Lasts 5 years  •  Works on multiple flooring types  •  Easy to maintain with regular cleaning

One of the most difficult activities winters is taking a bath and then having to walk across the cold wet tiles. And the tendency to tip-toe or rush out is higher in this case. To prevent a slipping or falling which could be painful if not outright dangerous, the anti-skid level of the tiles must be high. This is where Lizard Grip's Anti-Slip Treatment comes into play. It's a must-have element of safety for the bathrooms, kitchens and other wet zones in the house... Read More


2. Anti-Microbial Coated ABS Grab Bars

      by Etac Sweden & Viking India


•  Weight-bearing upto 160 kgs  •  Non-slip coated surface  •  Easy to install & shift  •  Just swipe to clean  •  Modular Design options

Grab Bars are elementary to bathrooms and are contemporarily designed to adapt to multiple zones. They enable individuals to move safely across the bathrooms and around commodes, especially when sitting or standing. Being made of high-quality ABS & polypropylene these grab bars are not affected by temperature variations and are hence comfortable to hold even during the winters unlike steel ones... Read More

For pain relief

1. Heating Pad Ortho (Premium)

     I-73 by Tynor India


•  3 Level heat adjustment with thermostat  •  Premium skin-friendly fleece finish •  Insulated with auto-cutoff capability  •  Fits waists up to 127 cms!  •  

A stiff/injured back can be painful at most times, and the cold temperatures just make the stiffness even more difficult to bear. So whether you are dealing with spondylitis, slipped disc or a sprain that refuses Using the Heating Pad Ortho (Premium) to warm up the muscles & soft tissue before beginning your day can be a boon. Its a bestseller on heyzindagi and something you will not fail to recommend... Know More


2. Strappr Wireless Heating Pad

      by SandPuppy


•  Wireless Heating with attached power bank  •  3 Level heat adjustment  •  USB Rechargeable  •  Soft non-allergenic material  •  Easy to wear around any joint - knee, neck, elbow, ankle, shoulder 

Struggling with microwaveable gel packs and electric pads is that much more harder when a neck, knee or ankle joint pain is making you is involved. The larger heating pads just dont give a snug fit and they compel you to stay seated during use. Strappr, a new age wireless heating pad that offers targeted heat delivery to painful joints even when you are on the move. Skin-friendly materials, lightweight at 140 gms, easily ported along to office, during travel... Know More


3. Foot Warmer With Massage

      FWM45 y Beurer Germany


•  3 Insulated layers to retain heat for longer  •  Vibration mode for soft massage  •  Warm fleece inner  •  Hand-washable lining

Foot warmers are ideal for comforting your stressed and cold feet. This model by Beurer comes with two temperature and massage level settings that provide heat plus vibrating massage therapy to your tired heel, ankle and lower calves... Know More


4. Infrared Massager (Flexible Handle)

      MG40 by Beurer Germany


•  Specialised LED for Near Infrared  •  Vibration Mode for wholesome massage  •  Improves blood circulation   •  Protects skin from rashes & burns   •  Flexible design to reach across the body

Struggling to reach your back? This unique Infrared massager will enable you to massage your entire body without any assistance. The product offers physiotherapy and rehab from extended muscle, ligament and joint pain by delivering infrared rays deeper into your tissue without over-exposing your skin to high heat. It enhances blood circulation to reduce inflammation & improve healing. Long lasting relief for everyone dealing with arthritis, varicose veins, injuries & muscular disorders these winters... Know More


5. Infrared Lamp

      IL11 by Beurer Germany


•  Essential Heat therapy  •  Philips Light Bulb  •  5 Angles of adjustment  •  Lightweight

Winters can be a nightmare for elders or individuals dealing with respiratory blockages, sinus, migraines and orthopaedic pains. The Beurer Infrared lamp is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation aid that comes quite handy - for relief from sinusitis and headaches. Has an adjustable neck to focus on selected zones of the body as per your comfort. The lightweight body makes it easy to use and maintain... Know More


6. Essential Oil Combos for Arthritis, Back Pain, Incontinence etc

      by Meraki Essentials


•  100% natural   •  Alcohol-free  •   Massage & Diffusion  •  Aromatherapy  •  Skin-friendly

While essential oils have been around and popularly used, the art and science of combining them is relatively unknown. Hey Zindagi, in partnership with Meraki Essentials has put together blends of pure essential oils that can be massaged directly on to your skin or inhaled through diffusion for relief from Arthritic Pain, Skin Dryness, Urinary Incontinence, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia and more. It complements your medical therapy without impacting your health... Know More

For managing your health

1. Portable Mini Mesh Nebuliser

      by Equinox India


•  Palm-Sized  •  Efficient Nebulization  •  USB Rechargeable In-built Battery  •  Portable & Lightweight  •  6 ml capacity  •  Low noise

Winters often stimulate chronic pulmonary diseases like asthma or airborne allergies in some people. While compressor nebulizers help at home, one often struggles with smog and pollution on the move. The highly-portable Mesh Nebuliser ensures an efficient delivery mechanism anytime of the day - especially in case of an attack or discomfort while breathing. It is easy to use and even more easier to recharge with a USB cable... Read More


2. Oxygize Oxygen Cans

      by Oxygize India


•  Concerntrated Oxygen source   •   Recreational/Supplemental Oxygen

As the temperature in the winter drops further, the pollution level increases & the level of oxygen in the air decreases, making it difficult to breathe. This can make adults with asthma or COPD, who are on the move due to work outdoors, suffer from breathlessness and fatigue. Canned oxygen acts as a source of remedy at times of high pollution level, exercise/yoga or hiking that helps increase the level of oxygen in the blood instantly and assist in clearing the smoke pollutants from the lungs. Contains approximately 150 breathes (2-3 breathes at a time ideally) and comes in 4 natural flavors... Read More


3. Magna Adult Diapers

      by Romsons India


•  Double layered super absorbent core  •  Hypo-allergenic fabric  •  Stretchable & re-adjustable  •  Wetness indicator  •  Lasts 4-6 hours

Winter is indeed more difficult for our everyone dealing with poor bladder control - the cold weather simply makes it worse. Magna Adult diapers ensure that they stay dry and comfortable for a considerable period even if they fail to reach the bathroom on time or are unable to move out of the bed. It also helps caregivers in managing hygiene better. Remember to add Disposable Underpads for additional safety at night and latex gloves for safely changing diapers to your order... Know More


4. Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

      by Equinox India


•  Non-Contact Infrared Tech  •  Instant 1 second reading  •  Multipurpose: Room/Body/Surface temperature  •  32 Result memory

A thermometer is probably the most sought-after device at home as the sudden cold or lack of precautions during weather change often results in a viral infection or fever. Now its easier to keep a track and monitor the fever patterns in case of unwelcome body temperature fluctuations due to cold. Based on Infrared technology, it doesn't require direct contact with the skin. This allows scanning even when the patients sleeps. It also can be used to measure heat levels of food items and other articles apart from the room temperature... Know More


5. Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

      by Nidek Medical India


•  Quick Accurate reading  •  Multiple Screen angles for easier monitoring  •  Shock proof  •  Auto Switch-off

The arrival of winter and the sudden change in temperature paired with smog can make breathing difficult for anyone. More so for asthmatics and COPD patients whose respiratory issues get aggravated drastically. It becomes important to keep an eye out for the blood oxygen levels - dropping below a particular level (60 mm Hg) could trigger a headache, high BP or even a stroke. The fingertip pulse oximeter is an easy to operate self-monitoring aid that enables taking note of the blood oxygen levels continually... Know More


For Daily Activities & Hobbies

1. Ergonomic Crochet Hook

      by Pony Needles India


•  Ergonomic Soft grip  •  Anti-Slip pattern  •  Size 2.0 mm - 3.0 mm

Women who love Crochet & Knitting would love these ergonomically designed crochet hooks. The wide body grip makes it easier to hold the hook as compared to the regular slim body hooks. It reduces the stress on the palm and fingers and ensures that mom and grandma smile more that ever when they knit... Know More


2. Multipurpose Grip

      by Etac Sweden


•  Soft non-slip grip  •  Easy maintenance   •  Fits multiple items - toothbrushes, razors, filers

Designed to assist elders and differently abled in their daily activities, this multipurpose grip by Etac Sweden enhances one's hold on daily use items with smaller handles like a razor, toothbrush, nail filers etc. This helps in winters more than ever as the finger and palm joints can often stiff due to the cold, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome etc... Know More


3. Wool Comb

      by Pony Needles India


•  Removes bobbles from sweaters, curtains, sofa etc  •  Easy Grip handle  •  Can be used on multiple fabrics

A must-have product for those woollens. The wool comb offers an inexpensive way to remove fuzz balls, fluff, hair and even dust from all woven or knitted fabrics and other winter wear. The comb slips easily into a carry bag and can be safely used on multiple materials including upholstery... Know More

As we part

The winter will be upon us every year, but don’t let the season get you down. This year, let’s say no to the cold and unpleasant, and say yes to everything warm, cozy and comfortable - keep smiling!


I'd love to hear your thoughts about this list and do let me know if I've missed out anything. Will be happy to add to the ideas.

By Sayani Chatterjee

Guest Author and Student of Biotechnology

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