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Recent trends in Cancer growth in India

for Family Members & Caregivers of Cancer Patients

  1. First and foremost, in case of children or elderly adults, the family members and caregivers must look out for related symptoms (click here to read about symptoms for common types of cancer in India).
  2. An immediate clinical examination must be considered if there are associated symptoms noticed.
  3. Do not stigmatize the patient based on false beliefs and myths. Educate yourself properly about type of cancer your loved one is suffering from and ensure he/she gets proper cancer treatment, care, and emotional support at all times
  4. Consult and involve other family members, friends, neighbors and well-wishers to seek useful advice and help. Urge them to be considerate and caring towards the patient always and make daily living more convenient for him or her. You may also choose to join community support groups with your patient for mental rehabilitation
  5. Keep in regular touch with the doctor, nurse, professional healthcare provider to understand the patient’s situations better
  6. Constant care and monitoring concerning chemotherapy sessions, medications, diet are of utmost importance
  7. Understand your rights and privileges as a caregiver to a dear one suffering from cancer. Be aware of the rights of your patient as well for offering him or her a better and happier life
  8. What cancer patients need most is emotional support. Make your loved one smile and be hopeful throughout the cancer treatment duration

Scenario of cancer in India needs immediate attention. More public participation and inclusion of the younger generation in awareness campaigns is required, along with creation of more awareness via all forms of media – print, electronic and digital.

Government funding needs to be increased to develop cancer treatment facilities, as well as to conduct further research on cancer in India. Government should also take further steps to make cancer treatment easily accessible to all.

Awareness must be created among older women for undergoing frequent PAP-smear, mammography and other relevant tests to rule out the chances of cancer.

NGOs might play a significant role in starting more awareness campaigns, crowd-funding websites etc., to cater to the needs of specific sections of society deprived of proper cancer treatment due to financial and other limitations.

As the tagline for 2018 World Cancer Day promotes – “We can, I can”; together, we too can work towards generating large-scale awareness about cancer in India

On a hopeful parting note, please download and keep this Life Stage Safety and Infomation document prepared by World Cancer Day foundation handy. Do share it with family and friends.


By Sayantani Nath

Guest Author and Student of Biology


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