Hands & Fingers

Hands and fingers

With aging, certain disorders of hands and fingers may interfere with your daily living. The most common musculoskeletal conditions that affect hands, wrist and fingers in elderly adults include Osteoporosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Arthritis like Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Due to weakening of bones from Osteopenia, the joints in hands and fingers become more prone to fractures, dislocation, sprains, and strains. The general symptoms of musculoskeletal problems of the hand are acute pain, stiffness or tenderness around the joints. Other complications like involuntary shaking or trembling of hands might arise due to neurological disorders like Parkinson's disease and Ataxia. Hemiplegia or quadriplegia can lead to partial or complete loss of mobility in hands. Surgery in hands requires a significant amount of time and attention by caregivers to recover completely.
In general, medication, regular moderate activity using hands, physical therapy and balanced diet can treat musculoskeletal disorders in hands and fingers. Hand and wrist supports, braces and wraps help in pain relief through warm compression. Hand resting splint aids in post fracture stabilization. Finger splints, finger cot etc are some devices that immobilize injured fingers and thumb for faster healing. Heat therapy products like infrared massagers and lamp relieve pain and provide comfort. Physiotherapy device like the exercise ball helps you to regain mobility in hands and fingers in case of post stroke recovery or hemiplegia. Assistive self-help aids like easy grip cutlery, tasty plate, buttoner, knob turner, jar opener, Aktive reachers, beauty hairbrush and comb, toilet paper tongs, no tie shoelaces, tablet cutter, easy grip toe nail cutter etc. make your daily living much easier. Ergonomic aids like easy grip scissors, add-on for garden tools, magic needle, soft grip crochet hook, playing card holder, free hand document holder etc. allow you to pursue your hobbies overcoming limited mobility in hands.

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