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Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer (25 recording memory)

Check for latest offers before ordering

Check for latest offers before ordering

Ideal for: safe, comfortable and correct body temperature measurement from the forehead in just 1 second! Especially useful for ailing seniors and irritable children/infants. Also allows for measuring Room and Surface (Water, Milk, Foods) temperature levels for caregivers. 

High precision, backlight for night / dark conditions, Celsius and Fahrenheit modes, easy to hold ergonomic design, record of last 25 readings for easy access. Runs on 1 Lithium Button battery (3.0 v)
  • Easy to use with single button operation, backlight mode for night, silent mode (no-beeps).
  • Enables taking measurement even when the individual is sleeping
  • Offers a non-intrusive and more comfortable means of temperature measurement
  • Probe lends cap prevents damage when not in use
  • Ideal for household use
  • Convenient for use even when travelling

  • Selectable temperature unit: The unit is set in °C as default that is switchable to °F as per the user’s need
  • In-built Memory function: Automatically stores the last 25 measurement results (excluding Hi/Lo results). If the memory is full, the unit will delete the oldest reading. When the unit is switched between °C and °F, all the readings stored in the memory are deleted
  • Backlight: Provides visibility in the dark
  • Ergonomic design: The device is easy to hold and use. Enable temperature measurement in 1 second and comes with silent mode option
  • Energy saving Automatic switch-off: The unit also turns off automatically if no operation is performed for 1 minute
  • Forehead Measurement Mode: Measures the temperature at the surface of the forehead by sensing infrared emission of the skin at the measured point, and then calculates & displays the oral-equivalent value
  • Room Temperature Mode: Displays the room temperature even after the power is off
  • Surface Measurement Mode: Shows the actual and unadjusted surface temperature of an object, which is different from the body temperature. This mode can help you determine if the object temperature is suitable for a patient or baby

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Usefulness: 4.5 | Uniqueness: 4.3 | Quality: 4.8


High quality materials, precision monitoring, feature-rich design is the hallmark of Omron healthcare products and the MC-720 forehead thermometer doesnt fall short on that


We do like the soft backlight and 25 memory recordings which all non-contact themometers don't offer


- Sumit



Brand Omron Japan
Variants 1
Last Updated Jan 2020
Dimensions 45 mm (w) x 155 mm (l) x 39 mm (h)
Weight/ Volume Approx. 90 g with battery installed
Technical Thermopile Sensor, 3 digit display in Celsius, increments of 0.1
Forehead Measurement Range: 34 to 42.2 Celsius (Accuracy 0.2)
Room Measurement Range: 10 to 40 oC (Accuracy variation2.0)
Surface Range: - 22.0 to  80.0 Celsius (Accuracy 0.3
In the Package 1 Main Unit, Test Battery (CR2032 installed), Probe Lens cap, instruction manual
Developed In Japan
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards This unit fulfills the provisions of the EC directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and the European Standard EN ISO 80601-2-56:2012


Usage/ Application A non-contact forehead temperature measurement unit for all ages at home
Care & Maintenance To be used carefully so that no liquid gets into the unit. When the probe lens becomes dirty, wipe it lightly with a soft dry cloth or a cotton swab
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in a clean and dry environment. Remove the battery when the unit will not be in use for three or more months. Do not wipe the probe lens with tissue paper or a paper towel
Warranty & Guarantee Offsite Warranty. Replaceable/repairable against any material quality or manufacturing defects within 1 year of the date of purchase except if damaged due to excessive force or improper use.
Contact: Omron Healthcare India | Call: 1800-419-0492 |  Email:





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