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Ideal for: Heavy flow due to Urinary Incontinence or Loss of Bladder Control (LoBC). Also useful in cases of post-surgery rehabilitation, limited mobility (Stroke, Paraplegia/ Quadriplegia) and other limitations that make it difficult to visit the toilet in time. Aid in hygiene management of irritable or differently abled patients who are not toilet-trained/non-responsive

    • Ensures quick fluid dispersion in case of a diaper leak/delay in changing, thus improving patient comfort for prolonged time especially during sleep
    • Keeps the skin dry and clean thanks to evenly spread super absorbent core. Provides enhanced leakage protection
    • Very comfortable for patients with sensitive skin. High-quality antibacterial material ensures no allergic reactions
    • Offers superior mattress protection.
    • Easy application and removal.

PS: Underpads are not mean to replace diapers but to enhance leakage protection essentially during sleeping hours.

  • Topsheet: Soft, cloth-like topsheet which feels gentle and comfortable against the skin. It keeps the surface dry to ensure healthy skin
  • Backsheet: Premium strength cloth-like polyethylene backsheet prevents fluid leakage and keeps the mattress clean and dry during usage
  • Tissue: The centre of the underpad consists of highly absorbent tissue which keeps the pad intact and absorbs the fluid immediately, guaranteeing complete protection and dry feel.
    TEST: Ability to absorb up to a 1 litre of liquid as per primary fluid test
  • Super Absorbent Core: Super absorbent polymer is evenly spread throughout the core for effective fluid management. Absorbs fluid away completely from the point of insult
  • Silicone Release Tape: Self-releasing silicone adhesive tape sticks to the surface ensuring proper fixation and prevents movement of the pad to increase compliance
  • Unique Quilted Pattern: Unique quilted design on the underpad evenly distributes the accumulated fluid and ensures rapid absorption
  • Side Lock: This additional feature prevents leakage from the sides

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Romsons India
  • Variants: 1
  • Item Code: RMUP01
  • Usage/Application: As a dignity aid for those affected by urinary incontinence
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Replaceable against any manufacturing defects if informed within a period of 7 days from delivery
  • Returns & Refunds: This product cannot be returned for safeguarding hygiene except in case of identified manufacturing defects. Please read through our Return Policy.

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    • International Credit & Debit Cards are also accepted
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Dimensions 60 cm X 90 cm | Overall: 890 mm (l) x 600 mm (w) | Cotton Pad: 780 mm (l) x 530 mm (w) | Rear Adhesive tab: 65 mm (l) x 55 mm (w) - 4 (1 at each corner) |
Weight/ Volume 630 g
Technical Material: Cotton, Polyethylene, Silicone
In the Package 1 Mattey Underpads - 10 pcs [Product Code: GS-8414]
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards Romsons is a ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC certified manufacturer


Usage/ Application As a convenience aid to pass urine for anyone who is immobile or affected by loss of bladder control
Care & Maintenance Apply the underpad with clean and hygienically washed hands, preferably using sanitised gloves. Dispose separately from regular garbage
Storage/Do's & Don'ts Store unused pads in original case/hygienically sealed container.
Warranty & Guarantee In case of manufacturing defects only, when raised within 7 days of delivery
Shipping Mode Air/Express: No      Surface: Yes

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Usefulness: 4.0 | Uniqueness: 3.8 | Quality: 4.0


An economical and reasonably effective product from Romsons. They have ensured quality at an acceptable price point for regular users


What caught our attention was the adjustable tapes that can be reapplied if necessary - this avoids shifting of the pad while sleeping


- Sumit



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