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Medical Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins (Knee / Thigh, Class II)

Thigh- Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large

Thigh- Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large

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Ideal for: dealing with circulatory disorders in legs like Varicose Veins, Spider Veins (mild varicosities), Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency, Lymphedema, Phlebitis, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Economy Class Syndrome (ECS), Oedema in any part of leg or general tiredness or pain in legs


Economically priced, stockings made with nylon and spandex that enable longer usage period. Available in Class II (23 - 32 mmHg) 

  • Nylon and spandex content provide effective graduated compression - strongest at the ankle, which prevents the abnormal backflow of blood to the legs
    Four way stretchable elastic ensures perfect fit (ideally for individuals of height 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet)
  • Helps varicose veins by compressing the outer walls of superficial veins in the legs
  • Anti-slip silicone belt prevents slippage even after long use. Allows complete range of motion for the affected legs
  • Made from high quality skin-friendly yarn material which improves durability
  • 2 variants available as per the patient’s need - Knee High & Thigh High
  • Can be used as a daily wear by both men and women with regular socks and shoes. Perfect for using at home, at work or during travel. Open toe stockings are easier to wear and remove. Available in a wide range of sizes

  • Anatomical design: The stockings are anatomically shaped to provides a perfect fit and uniform graduated compression across the limb surface
  • Graduated compression: The material blend of the stockings contains a graduated proportion of spandex which provides controlled and uniformly reducing compression from the ankle towards the knee/thigh. This ensures effective blood evacuation
  • Durable: High quality thick yarn material improves the strength and durability of the stockings. Lasts long even with regular use
  • Class II Compression Stockings: As per American classification, class II compression stockings provide moderate compression (23 to 32 mmHg pressure) at the ankle moving upwards. It is the most commonly used variant for visible varicose veins, spider veins & other venuous conditions.
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Tynor Medical compression stockings are produced in accordance with latest medical knowledge and state of art textile technology. They contain fibers tested in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Open toe: Makes them easy and hassle-free to wear and remove anywhere. It also enables the stockings to be paired with open-toed sandals/shoes
  • Anti-slip silicon band: The top silicon-lined band in the stocking prevents them from slipping or sliding down even with prolonged use. It offers optimal grip without any constriction at the top edge

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Usefulness: 4.0 | Uniqueness: 3.5 | Quality: 3.8


Tynor India consistently works towards bridging quality with economical pricing and this pair of graduated compression stockings does just that


Nylon and spandex provide longer usage time but the user might struggle in hot or humid weather, especially when not in an Air Conditioned zone


Still a good pair of compression stockings to add to your wardrobe

- Sumit



Brand Tynor India
Variants 2 (Knee High, Thigh High) | Size Variants: 4 (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) | Colour: Beige
Last Updated Jan 2020
Dimensions Knee High: Size L
(Unstretched): 44 cm (l) + 14 cm (circumference at foot) + 37 cm (circumference at Thigh ) x 3 cm width | 26 cm (Circumference at Calf) | 14 cm length from heel to mid foot | (stretched): 50 cm 
Thigh High: Size L
(Unstretched): 64 cm (l) + 14 cm (circumference at foot) + 37 cm (circumference at Thigh ) x 3 cm width | 26 cm (Circumference at Calf) | 14 cm length from heel to mid foot | (stretched): 82 cm
Weight/ Volume Knee High:
Size L (Dry): 38 gm Packaging Weight: 84 gm
Thigh High:
Size L (Dry): 77 gm Packaging Weight: 119 gm
Technical Material: Polyamide, Spandex, Silicone
In the Package 1 pair Anti-Embolism Stockings (D.V.T.) Class I Knee High/Thigh High [Product Code: I66BHZ/ I69CAZ]
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards Tynor India is a ISO:9001, W.H.O G.M.P Standards and ISO: 13485 certified manufacturer. This product carries the CE (Cleared For European Markets) mark. This is an OEKOTEX Certified product


Usage/ Application Graduated Medical Compression Stockings for treatment & prevention of varicose veins, oedeman Deep Vein Thrombosis and other venuous iissues
Note: Do not wear this product if warming or heat generating ointments/liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Should only be hand-washed in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Squeeze by hand to get rid of excess water and then dry in a cool place.
Should not be brushed, bleached or dry-cleaned. Should not be ironed
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in a clean, dry place when not in use - after washing and thorough drying. Replace once elasticity reduces due to repeated use.
Warranty & Guarantee As per Seller & Affiliate eCommerce Site policy




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