Struggling with constipation?

Constipation refers to difficulty in passage of stool (feces). It is often characterized by infrequent passage of stool, hard stools, feeling of incomplete emptying, abdominal pain or rectal bleeding in severe cases. Constipation generally occurs in the elderly adults above 60 years. Slow digestion due to old age, pain medication, dietary imbalance and hormonal disorders are main causes of constipation.
High fiber diet, daily activity, medication and use of laxative can help in managing constipation and easing bowel movement. However, surgery might be required in severe cases. Heat therapy devices like heat belts, infrared massagers and compression products abdominal supports can reduce abdominal discomfort and promote better bowel movement. Heating pads specially designed to manage constipation keep the rectal muscles active that help in easier bowel movement. View products that can ease your struggle with constipation.

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