It is important for the elderly adults to be extra conscious about their health as the body starts showing signs of aging and weakness. A balanced diet, proper meal and sleep schedule, regular physical exercise is essential to live a healthier life with growing age. Certain lifestyle and age-related disorders often affect the seniors, Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, insomnia, limited mobility, incontinence and dementia being the most common. A number of daily living aids and supportive devices are available to make your day easier. For mild to moderate indoor exercising, especially in limited mobility conditions or after post stroke or post surgical recovery, the Oppo resistance band and the new cycle exerciser can be helpful. The abdominal toning belt and waist belt helps to reduce a pendulous abdomen due to obesity. The buckwheat hull yoga cushion is the perfect companion for yoga practitioners as it conforms to the shape of your lower body and provides adequate support. A digital weighing scale, heart rate monitor will help you keep your weight, pulse rate, blood pressure and calorie count in check.

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