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Eternal Peace (Audio CD)

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Times Living presents an exceptional blend of instrumental melodies in the soothing tunes of piano and flute
Aids in meditationapart from being a light background music album for the avid listener
This rhythmic concoction in a fusion-inspired style created by the Flautist Rakesh Chaurasia and Pianist Anupam Chatterjee, is pleasant to the ears and nourishes the mind and the body
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  • Artists: Rakesh Chaurasia (Flute) and Anupam Chatterjee (Piano). Conceived and produced by Hemant Mattani
  • Packed onto an audio CD for easy listening and gifting
  • Can be played directly via your car stereo, DVD/CD player, laptop (with an internal/external CD player), any other CD/DVD compatible devices.

Package includes an insert with Track Listing and Artiste Details. Please check for the Times Group hologram on the outer cover and sealed packing.

+How it Works
  • Indian classical music has been known for ages for its potential to provide peace and relaxation to the mind and the body. It has a calming effect on the autonomous nervous system (brain and spinal cord) which controls all the functions of the body and gives a relaxed feeling which is perfect for practicing meditation
  • The soulful tunes of piano and flute reduce mental turbulence, improve concentration and provides the feeling of fulfillment and happiness
  • Classical music also helps to bring down the level of cortisol (stress hormone) secretion thereby promoting stress reduction and comfortable sleep

+Track List
  • Eternal Peace 1 ( 04 Min : 57 Sec )
  • Eternal peace 2 ( 09 Min : 32 Sec )
  • Eternal Peace 3 ( 05 Min : 48 Sec )
  • Deeper Zone 1 ( 10 Min : 50 Sec )
  • Deeper Zone 2 ( 20 Min : 17 Sec )
  • Salvation 1 ( 05 Min : 46 Sec )
  • Salvation 2 ( 07 Min : 18 Sec )

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Times Music
  • Variants: 1
  • Genre: Lounge & Fusion | Language: Instrumental
  • Item Code: TMMC47
  • Usage/Application: As an alternative/ complementary therapy
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Only against any material quality or manufacturing defects reported within 2 days of delivery
  • Returns & Refunds: Only in case of manufacturing defects. All heyzindagi.in sales in Music are non-returnable as a rule. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Overall: 141 mm (l) x 124 mm (b) x 9 mm (h)
Weight/ Volume 84 g approx.
Technical Audio CD
Tracks/ Language 7 Tracks | Instrumental
Genre Indian Classical
In the Package 1 Times Music Audio CD [Product Code: TDIWL046C]
Country of Origin India


Usage/ Application As an alternative/complementary therapy
Care & Maintenance Please don’t drop this CD in abrasive liquids, expose to magnetic materials etc. Can be cleaned with a lint-free, damp cloth
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Please store in original packaging to protect from scratches. Do not leave in player to avoid damaging the recording surface
Warranty & Guarantee Only against manufacturing defects reported within 2 days of delivery
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes      Surface: Yes



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