Gifts of Safety

Prevention is better than Cure

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 3.7 crore falls or slips result in a 'severe' medical emergency and 6.5 lakh individuals die from a fall each year globally. The most prone are Senior Citizens and children in South-East Asian regions, including India.
Bathrooms, Kitchens and Stairs are where falls typically occur. Falls or accidents in these zones are a combination of 'super-smooth' flooring (vitrified tiles, marble, granite etc), poor footing and weak grip due to health issues (diabetes, physical disability, weakness) and low visibility (improper lighting).
As you assess the space around you, identify flooring that needs anti-skid improvements. Oxon Anti-Slip floor solution and Tenura Aqua Anti-Slip Strips are two products that are designed for wet surfaces. The Anti-Skid Tapes from Lohmann Germany are ideal for stairs and last up to 5-6 months even with regular use. Similarly, specialised silicone strips, cutlery grips and mats will reduce chances of utensils, cutlery and tools from falling from your hands or trays/tables.
Adding grab bars ensures added support while getting up and moving about wet zones for elders. Soft-glow solar charged lamps work brilliantly as night lights (up to 12 hours) for those dealing with low visibility or light sensitivity, in common zones and bathrooms without adding to your electricity bill.

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