What She Needs - Self Assessment Form for elderly mothers and senior women


Before we begin, there are 3 things we need you to do.

  1. Relax and take a deep breath, maybe grab a cup of tea or coffee. This needs a bit of time. 10-15 minutes tops, but isn't she worth it?
  2. Think of Maa. Got you smiling already. ☺
  3. Grab a pen and paper. This is optional, you can just fill the form directly)



As we grew up, these words often rushed by our mind, when the glass of fresh milk replaced the cup of tea on our study table, when a new school bag suddenly appeared because the old one was getting faded and old. She knew best when it was time to be woken up at 4 am, so that we wouldn’t miss those extra classes and she definitely knew best time to head over to the dentist. She knew best when we flew the nest and travelled the world for our degrees and jobs. She still does, when her grandkids visit her and she revisits our childhood through their smiles, and then goes on to replace that cup of tea with a fresh glass of milk yet again.


She knows best not just because of a mother’s love for her children, but also because she asked herself a question at every moment, “What does my child need most?” and sought those answers continuously.


And today, as we watch her age or battle a chronic illness, and occasionally struggle while lifting the tray while cooking food in those large utensils or going for a walk because her knees ache, let us ask ourselves a simple question, “What does my mother need most?”.


To begin with, its empathy. A few moments of our time spent thinking about her.


Her surroundings, her health issues, her lifestyle, her interests etc. To help, we’ve added a simple form that asks you some basic questions about her.


After this, its time to travel across heyzindagi.in, whether you go through the blogs, or seek solutions in our store, just use the Search feature, we believe you will find ways for her to smile that bit extra. Just keep this page open, while you browse the site. Once done, just click the submit button.


We will surely send your responses back to you for reference and come back with suggestions and ideas should you want us to.


By the way, did we tell you that you could win some of the interesting products you identified for your Mom on answering the last question?

After all, it’s Mother’s Day!


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