FAQs: Affiliate Marketing Programs

+What are Affiliate Links?

If a visitor/buyer on the website purchases anything from any website through a link provided on the www.heyzindagi.com / www.heyzindagi.in within a stipulated time period from the time of clicking the link (usually within 24 hours), we may or may not be paid a commission fee for the same by the selling website depending on the seller website’s terms and conditions.

+Is Hey Zindagi Selling on behalf
of the seller website?

No. We do not sell on behalf of any seller website. External affiliate links are only provided to direct customers to the seller’s website.

The customer buys the item directly from the seller and not from www.heyzindagi.com / www.heyzindagi.in

+What does the customer pay extra for
buying through a product link?

The customer/reader/visitor does not by any means pay anything extra to the seller. This program is designed to bring people to the seller website’s platform and the seller websites pay a small compensation for the same to the publisher website (in this case www.heyzindagi.com / www.heyzindagi.in

Prices are the same for buyers / customers whether the purchase is made through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. Clicking an affiliate link and clicking a non-affiliate link does not change the price or anything else for the visitor/customer/reader.

+Who honors the Warranties, Service,
and Guarantees of the product/service?

We work hard to keep ourselves up to date with the latest information on the product, warranties, services and guarantees of the product published on our website. However, there are many changes happening from time to time by the manufacturers themselves which we may be able to update only once our research team gets to know about it. Should there be a doubt on any part of the information provided by us, please feel free to contact us. Kindly refer to the warranty/guarantee information listed on the seller website or contact the seller for latest information.

Kindly note that the seller website and their information will be considered final at all times. We request the customers/buyers/readers to read the seller website information on the product thoroughly before making the purchase. It is best advised to contact the seller website to get accurate information about the product listed by their website as the final service will be delivered by the sellers.

+How accurate is the information
provided on the website?

Please note that we provide as accurate information as possible and work hard to keep our website updated with the latest information about the products and information published. The up-dating is done on a regular interval but may still have errors. We request you to confirm the information from the seller website before making the purchase.

Hey Zindagi shall in no manner be responsible for any reaction, suitability, non-suitability, functioning, non-functioning, operations, side effects, financial or non-financial loss or any other problem not listed occurring from the purchase of any product via information/affiliate/product link published on the website. The customers/buyers are solely responsible for the purchase, payments, returns, reactions and effects, functionalities and services occurring from the purchase. The buyer/customer is advised to buy anything from any website at their sole discretion and trust.

+Who is responsible for delivering the product
bought through the affiliate/product links?

The seller website is responsible for delivering all orders received through the affiliate/product links. The selling website terms and conditions prevail and apply for all orders wherever the orders have been received from.

+Who should be contacted for
order-related /delivery/returns related queries?

We request you to please contact the seller website for any order/delivery/returns related query.

Once the affiliate/product link is clicked, it takes you to the seller website and the order process/terms and conditions of service of the seller website apply.

+Does HeyZindagi publish sponsored content too?

We do not write sponsored posts. We want to provide authentic, unbiased information.

Hey Zindagi team only recommends products that have been tested, used or that we would recommend to family and friends. Your purchase helps supports our research and knowledge sharing efforts.

However, If a company would like to publish sponsored content on www.heyzindagi.com / www.heyzindagi.in we may be contacted at engage@heyzindagi.in. Please be assured every sponsored post/page/blog or review will be disclosed clearly to all our readers/buyers.


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