FAQ's: My Account

+Can I browse without signing up?

Yes! You can also add products to cart without having to sign up.
There are benefits of signing up though:

  • Your cart might not be saved if you do not Sign Up/Login to your account for future reference.
  • Also, we shall not be able to provide you member offers and benefits in case you haven't signed up with us and shared your email id or phone number with us.

+Can I buy from you as a Guest?

Of course. After entering the Shipping and Billing details, along with Shipping method, you may simply continue to complete your purchase without logging in on the Checkout page.

Please remember - do retain any emails related to such orders in your inbox since the order records will not be uploaded to your account should you wish to Sign up/Login at a later date.

You may also contact our help center for further clarification on this.

+How do I Sign Up with Hey Zindagi?

Please click this link to register.

Fill in your Name, Email Id and set a password

If you would like to receive our Weekly Newsletters, please select the checkbox provided.

Click on the 'Sign Up’ tab. Welcome aboard!

+How do I delete my account with you?

We really would not like that and really wish you would contact us before you think of leaving. If we had done something wrong, we would like to make it as right as soon we can!

If we have made an error, we would like to make it as right as soon we can rather than see you leave.

Should you anyway decide to leave, please contact us via phone call to +91 98 7360 3605 or send an email to tlc@heyzindagi.in with your request.
We will take up your request and do the needful.

Please Note:

1. In case you wish to Unsubscribe from the Newsletters or other Marketing Communication - we can do that for you without having to delete your account.

2. We might not be able to retrieve your account/order history once the account has been deleted.

+Do you send out Newsletters?
How can I subscribe to them?

Yes, we do. And we send it out once a week so as not to clutter your inbox. It is a digest of whats new on the site - informative articles about healthy living in spite of limitations and issues, new ideas and concepts, special membership offers as well fun Shareables that are sure to brighten your day.

You can subscribe to the Zindagi Mail weekly newsletters by any of the following ways.

  • While browsing the website, scroll to the bottom of the page, there is an option to subscribe to our newsletter. Please enter your Name, Last Name and Email and click on Sign Up. Its done! We will start writing to you now from the next release. [all pages of www.heyzindagi.in have this option at the footer]
  • Newsletters can also be subscribed to when you are checking out with an order. There is an option to click on Subscribe to Newsletters.
  • It is also possible to subscribe to the newsletters by while registering or after logging into your account. Select the Edit Account option to subscribe to the newsletters from us.

Please note that if you wish to unsubscribe please write an email to Tender Loving Care or click the Unsubscribe option at the bottom of the Newsletters you receive. Kindly allow us about a week's time to process the request.


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