FAQ's: Shopping and Purchase

Quality Standards

+Why you should shop with us?

Because we have very simple quality standards that make the difference between good and bad.


    Especially those meant for personal wear or for extended skin contact.
    So knee caps, lumbo sacral belts, wrist wraps, heating pads, BP Monitors are always fresh and in mint condition. This ensures hygiene in every manner possible, as good as getting it right from the brand store. We do not ship exchanged/tried/returned goods which might impact your hygiene negatively by flouting essential health standards.
    Before packing, each piece is given a visual and live run check for quality issues - whether it be stitching, electrical failures or customisation. As a standard, all products move directly from our warehouse or partner brands warehouse. So the responsibility of ensuring the right material reaches your doorstep is ours. We don't want to let the bad stuff come to you, ever.
    And if we get it wrong, we exchange the product. Just reach out to us within a day of the order reaching you.
    That means you will always get the complete picture. And yes, we are not perfect, but we make every effort to get closer.
    If we've missed out any detail and have received feedback about it, we update the product page including our review. Please make it a point to read through the content and do share your know-how about the product if you've used it. It will help the next shopper make a more informed decision. Sharing is caring.

How's this possible?

1. Because we are not a marketplace.
When you place an order on Hey Zindagi, you are placing an order directly to the sellers (which is us). No in-betweens, no unknowns, no question marks.


2. Because we value your health and hygiene.
Imagine receiving a knee brace and noticing that there are hair on the inner fabric or that the waist belt you were sent is smelling of sweat...


One of the key reasons we launched HeyZindagi was to ensure that the right norms are followed while dealing with health and wellness products, even in e-commerce. Therefore, as responsible sellers we believe in getting the order right the first time - it saves time, safeguards hygiene and prevents wastage.


To do so, we Call/SMS/WhatsApp each shopper before shipping products that impact health conditions - especially wearables and orthopaedic aids. We do not ship out the product till we've connected with you. It not only allows us to help you choose the right size, but also that you've picked the right solution. We're happy to answer as many questions as you'd have before placing the order.


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How can I shop on your website?

+How do I look for products?

Our Team has curated collections so that products are easy to find. We have tried to categorize them by Health, Body, Mind, Conditions, Product Types etc. A simple guide in short to how to look for products -

  • On the Homepage click on the ‘Search’ icon available at the top right hand corner next to ‘Sign In’ tab. Type the search word and click.
  • Alternatively, you can search for a product from the  dropdown menu option on the top navigation bar.

+How do I add a product to the cart?

Once you identify a product you like while browsing the collections, please read all details we have provided thoroughly. It is important you do so since many of the products are related to health conditions and we would want to ensure you have made the right choice.


In case of products that have size options or variants, we have provided a How to Measure section along with Size Chart. Please choose the option accordingly and then click the ‘Add to Cart’ button (you can edit the quantity in the box right next to this button)


The product will be added to the cart and be accessible anytime by clicking the shopping cart icon in the top right corner.

From here you can continue to shop or choose to check out.

+How can I edit my cart?

You can do this in 2 ways:


  • Click on the ‘Cart’ Icon. Simply alter the quantity with the + or - button. To remove something simply click on '–' till the quantity is 0.
  • Another way to edit the cart is to click on the ‘View Cart’ button.
    Change the quantity by simply entering the number in the quantity box. Alternately, click on the ‘Remove’ button to delete the product from your cart.

+What are the different ways to
place an order?
  • Orders can be placed at our website through the regular shopping process.
  • You can also confirm the order through WhatsApp or email us. Please note that only pre-paid orders will be accepted through email or WhatsApp.
  • Orders can also be requested on call or chat as well.

However, orders placed through WhatsApp, Email, Chat or Phone also will be processed post fulfilling the payment terms as mentioned on the product page.

+What does Checkout mean?

Checkout means that you have selected all the products that you wish to buy, have added them to your shopping cart, and are now ready to complete placing the order by providing shipping details and proceeding to pay.


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