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It's great to see you here. HeyZindagi Gold has a simple purpose - to make you smile a lot more. And that's not just the extra savings when you shop with us, but also when we add new articles, informationpluslaunch new products and services that could be of use to you and your family.

Life's a journey, and we'd be happy to walk it with you.


Just go ahead and fill basic details in the form. Do upload a copy of a registered Govt. ID Proof for our records that includes your Date of Birth or a Recognised Disability. And then choose your own Membership Code! Something you can remember easily.

We will activate it within 24 working hours and message you back via email and Whatsapp.

The code will be valid on all orders above ₹ 1000+* and give you an Instant 10% off. No waiting for Cashbacks/refunds. All you need to do is login with the same email ID when placing an order with us and apply this special code during Checkout. That's it!

    1. In case of any issues, please email us on or Chat with us on Whatsapp @ 09873603605
    2. The 10% Discount will not be valid on Gift Hampers & Combos as they are already being offered at exceptional prices.
    3. The membership discount cannot be combined with any other benefit including Cashbacks or other Discounts Coupons
    4. If you are a Caregiver/Family Member: kindly signup with your contact details, but provide your wards proof. Also we would request you to be the best judge of your purchase and who will benefit from it while claiming the 10% discount.


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