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By the adage "No one is as smart as all of us", we are always keen to receive and share informative articles, inspiring stories, and anecdotes that will help the Hey Zindagi community benefit from each other. 

So step in, send in your perspectives - if you have them ready as a document (Word or PDF) and have supporting photographs, simply upload them through the "Upload Document" form below or email them to us with your contact details.

In case you'd like us to pen your experience down for you, we are happy to do that over a phone call. It will be published only after we have got it approved from you. Please share your contact details in the "Share over a Call" form below or call us at 098 7360 3605. We will be happy to work on it with you.

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Before you upload the document, please check it has Title, a short Introduction to you (20-30 words), a Bibliography (list of reference articles/website links or people - in case your article contains technical facts). Please also share a list of publications and websites where this article has already been published.

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