hey zindagi medical id suraksha ka bandhan , tag in surgical steel. pendant and bracelets for elderly and differently abled

zindagi id suraksha ka bandhan, tag in surgical steel. pendant and bracelets for elderly and differently abled in India

What is a Medical ID?

The first thing that a healthcare professional needs to know, in case of an emergency,
is important medical and health information about the patient. Globally, medical ID bracelets are worn daily by elderly and children alike, whether they are suffering from chronic illnesses, dementia or other severe physical/mental health problems.

By providing the patient's essential health information to the doctors and health professionals instantly, Zindagi iD prevents inadministration of the wrong medicines and improved choice of treatment without needing too many tests.
It also lets a passerby know who to contact in case of an accident or emergency, so that the family members can react faster.

Which details could be added:

Every “Zindagi iD” is designed to include the users:

  • Name
  • Blood Group
  • Allergies/Disorders or Diseases
  • Emergency Contact Information

And on the back panel: Choice of a quote, a mantra or a special message

Hey Zindagi My ID carries Name, Blood Group, Key Health Condition of the wearer and Emergency Contact Details of a family member

Features you should know:

  • Made with Surgical-Grade Steel (316L): does not react with water or sweat, therefore is non-allergenic
  • Laser Engraved (and not printed): information lasts for much longer than regular prints
  • Completely personalized: All details are individualised to the user, including the quote or message on the back
  • Light-weight(5 gms approx), thus making it easy to wear all the time
  • A choice between Pendant and Bracelet panel - use it with your own chain or thread

How wearing a “Zindagi iD” tag helps:

  • Easy access to critical medical info
  • Helps in delivery correct & timely treatment to the patient during an emergency
  • Prevents in making errors that could be fatal
  • Family Member/Caretaker can be alerted quickly
  • Gives a sense of freedom to the user and caregiver

My ID Medical Tag helps in preventing medical errors, alerting family members and enabling correct treatment in time.

Who it’s meant for?

While it’s designed for everyone as the first level of safety, it should definitely be worn in cases of:

  • Chronic Disorders and Illnesses: Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Leukemia, Tuberculosis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Stroke, COPD
  • Mental or Developmental Disorders: Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, Autism
  • Allergies: Pollen, Gluten, Foods, specific Medicines or Ointments

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