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Adjustable Ankle Support (CoolPrene)

Check for latest offers before ordering

Check for latest offers before ordering

Ideal for: pain relief and safety from recurrent ankle sprains and injury. Enhanced support for ankle weakness, instability and stiffness (due to Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Muscular Atrophy) | Easiest support to wear and self-manage for anyone affected by spinal, arm or hand limitations

  • Provides support and healing warmth to the ankle and middle foot
  • Gives a snug fit to both ankle and foot
  • Easy to wear by yourself with wrap around design featured across elements
  • Can be worn with footwear for moving around, preferably sports shoes for comfort
  • Self-Adjustable levels of compression and mobility

  • Patented material that dissipates moisture and heat during use to reduce perspiration and heat discomfort. Especially useful in case of prolonged wear.
    As the brace/support stretches in a bi-directional manner when in use, slits in the material open, creating an airflow path. It allows fresh air to move in and a certain amount of moisture plus heat is able to pass through, keeping the skin dry relative to other braces
  • Wrap Around: Makes it so much easier for everyone to adjust compression and stability levels as per current activity apart from wearing it. A simple but efficient interlocking design that secure the support around the ankle and foot arch. Two additional X-Straps overlap the support providing additional compression and stability to weak or sore ankles
  • Contoured: Shaped to fit along the ankle and foot anatomy almost like a second skin
  • Finish: The piping is level with the rest of the brace, which does not lead to pressure marks or it digging into the foot over the day

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Usefulness: 5.0 | Uniqueness: 5.0 | Quality: 5.0


Excellent solution for those who need to use an ankle support for long hours


Great at managing heat and moisture in warmer spaces compared to other supports


We really like the way the contoured shape wraps itself around the foot and ankle absolutely snugly

- Sumit



Brand Oppo Medical USA
Variants 2 (Regular, XL)
Last Updated Jan 2020
Regular(Unstretched): Ankle Section 265 mm (Circumference) x 85 mm (Length along Heel Line) | Heel Slot: 70 mm (w) x 40 mm (l) | Foot Section: 270 mm (Circumference) x 77 mm (Length along Heel Line) | Angled Straps: 45o Angle x 155 mm (l) x 45 mm
Weight/ Volume Size L (Dry): 78.5 g approx
Material: 70% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 15% Polyester
In the Package 1 Adjust Ankle Support (CoolPrene) [Product Code: 1103]
Developed In USA
Country of Origin USA
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards.


Usage/ Application Wrap-around supportive and healing brace for the ankle. Note: Do not wear this product if warming or heat generating ointments/ liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Should only be hand-washed with mild soap in water (30o C). Air dry away from heat or sunlight. Should not be bleached, ironed or dry-cleaned.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store when not in use after washing and thorough drying. Replace once elasticity reduces due to repeated use.
Warranty & Guarantee As per Seller & Affiliate eCommerce Site policy



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