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The complete home maintenance kit with curated products for everyone passionate about sewing, knitting, embroidery and handicrafts. The products are specially designed to overcome limited mobility, chronic pain or weak grip in hands, low vision and other age-related limitations

  1. Pre-Threaded Needle Kit
  2. Easy Threading Needle
  3. Magic Needle
  4. Easy Thread Nipper
  5. Handy Magnet
  6. Wool Comb for Lint & Bobbles
  7. Comfort Grip Scissors (with Spring Tension)
  8. Lap Magnifier
  9. Complimentary Gift Wrapping

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  • How it's Useful?

    Pre-Threaded Needle Kit:Emergency mending kit with 10 pre-threaded needles (Size 7 sharps) and 8 primary thread colours

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    Easy Threading Needle:Just push the thread down onto the needle head and it’s ready to sew

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    Magic Needle:Instantly repairs odd pulls in fabric, snags in knitted & woven clothing, upholstery. Works on all fabrics.

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    Easy Thread Nipper: Better than regular scissors for snipping threads, yarn ends or notching fabric while sewing/doing craft

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    Handy Magnet: Picks up fine needles, coins, and other small metal objects which are difficult to spot

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    Wool Comb for Lint & Bobbles: De-pills and removes fuzz balls, fluff, hair, pet fur and dust from woven or knitted fabrics and thick upholstery

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    Comfort Grip Scissors (with Spring Tension): Soft grip spring scissors for seniors with pain, weakness or poor motor control in hands due to musculoskeletal or nerve disorder

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    Lap Magnifier: Lightweight acrylic magnifying glass (with adjustable neck cord) for fine embroidery, knitting and other delicate crafts. Can get scratched - store safely away from sharp objects


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