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Gaana Saraswati - Kishori Amonkar (USB Music Card)

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23 selected renditions of Hindustani Classical Ragas by the legendary vocalist Vidushi Srimati Kishori Amonkar. Her soulful voice and innovative style of singing in perfect sync with the soothing melodies is bound be keep the listener captivated
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  • The tracks on this album are the golden collection of the best performances and recordings by Kishori Amonkar. Serves as the ideal gift for anyone with a penchant for Indian Classical music
  • Packed onto a credit-card sized 4GB premium music card (USB Memory Stick) for easy listening and gifting. Highest quality MP3 format music with 320 kbps bitrate
  • Can be played directly via your car stereo, laptop, mobile (with OTG Connectivity), Speakers (with USB port) and any other USB compatible devices
  • Songs can be transferred to Windows laptop/PC/MacBook/iMac or any media with USB connectivity
  • Has 3 GB of personal storage in addition to the tracks for own use

Package includes a pocket booklet with Track Listing and Artiste Details

+Track List
  • Raga Bhimpalasi - Alap
  • Raga Jeevanpuri - Alaap
  • Raga Bhimpalasi - Vilambit Khyal in Teental
  • Raga Jeevanpuri - Vilambit Khayal in Teentaal
  • Raga Bhimpalasi - Khyal in Drut Ektal (Rang Se Rang Milaaye)
  • Raga Jeevanpuri - Madhya Laya Khayal in Teentaal
  • Raga Alhaiya Bilawal - Alaap
  • Raga Bhairavi - Ab Ratiya Kidhar Gavai Re - Dadra Taal

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+About The Album

Kishori Amonkar was one of the foremost women classical vocalists of India who has left a mark forvever in the classical music genre, by leading the evolution of the Jaipur Gharana of Hindustani Classical Music. Herself a proponent of this gharana, she has adopted elements of other gharanas in her style and created beautiful renditions of traditional Ragas. Her soulful voice and pursuit of spirituality and emotions through singing makes her the true Saraswati of Indian Classical Music. This album presents her best performances and recordings and offers a blissful listening experience



Brand Sony Music
Variants 1
Last Updated Jan 2020
Dimensions Overall: 85 mm (l) x 55 mm (w) | USB: 26 mm (l) x 12 mm (w)
Weight/ Volume 11 g approx
Technical USB Memory Stick, 320 kbps MP3 Format
Tracks/ Language 23 Tracks | Hindi
Genre Indian Classical
In the Package 1 Sony Music Card [Product Code: S9090USB034] and Track List Booklet
Country of Origin India


Usage/ Application As an easy-to-carry and multi-device music library
Care & Maintenance Please don’t drop this card in liquids, expose to magnetic materials etc.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Do fold the USB stick head back into the main card unit for storage. Keep it away from heat and sunlight.
Warranty & Guarantee As per Seller & Affiliate eCommerce Site policy



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