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Infrared Massager (Flexible Handle)

Check for latest offers before ordering

Check for latest offers before ordering

Ideal for:chronic pain and inflammation due to Arthritis, Frozen Joints, strains or sprains and other orthopaedic issues | Also for circulatory disorders such as Deep Vein Thrombosis and Varicose Veins

    • Touch based infrared therapy penetrates below skin to enhance healing and provide faster reliefthan essential contact based heating products
    • Enhanced reliefwith combination of vibration based massage
    • Enables everyone to massage entire body by self without assistance
    • Protected by a 3 year guarantee

Use under Supervision if affected by: Diabetes (Neuropathy), mental, motor, Paraplegia and limited mobility disorders that can impact recognition of and immediate personal response to overheating in any manner whatsoever. If using a pacemaker, kindly consult your doctor and do not massage near the heart in any case

  • Vibration Massager: Used in combination with Infrared Light or separately with Massage attachments - this makes for instantaneous relief
  • 4 Massage Attachments: From a stimulating skin massage to penetrative soft tissue massages, one can easily choose the ideal accessory for maximising relief
  • Rotating Massage Head: 180 degrees of rotation allows one to flip between the Infrared and Massager as well as in reaching difficult to access parts of body
  • 3 Way Adjustable Handle: Makes it easy to cover the back and extremities easily when paired with the Rotating Massage Head
  • Infrared LED Touch Therapy: A popular Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation solution that use the visible and invisible light spectrum (similar to the heat one feels when out in the sun). Delivers natural penetrative therapy compared to basic heating based solutions though for short durations only (max up to 12 minutes). Made of LED’s, one can use it with skin contact unlike an Infrared Lam

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Usefulness: 5.0 | Uniqueness: 5.0 | Quality: 5.0


We love the flexibility of the head and handle - a rather innovative solution that works for you without needing to stretch your limbs too much


The only Infrared Massager that offers a 3 Year Guarantee

- Sumit



Brand Beurer Germany
Variants 1
Last Updated Jan 2020
Dimensions Full: 365 mm (l) x 40 mm (w) x 35 mm (thickness) | Infra Red Massage Head: 60 mm (l) X 50 mm (w) | Massage Head Arm: 210 mm (l) | Handle Arm: 185 mm (l) | Cord Length: 1.5 meters
Weight/ Volume 605 gm approx | Attachments: 9 gm per attachment approx
Technical Material: High Grade Plastic Body
In the Package 1 Infrared Massager [Product Code: MG40] Charging cord attached, 4 massage attachments, Instruction Manual, Mini Catalogue
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards. PCT for Russian markets


Usage/ Application For therapeutic and pain relief massage. Note: Do not use this product if warming or heat generating ointments/ liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Not for use by children or adults with poor motor skills or heat sensitivity. Clean with a slightly damp cloth after use. Do not exert excessive pressure on the arm during massage.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in original packaging. Do not expose to heat and sunlight. Disconnect cord from plug point after use. Refer Instruction Manual for detailed information (download below)
Warranty & Guarantee 3 years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only.
Contact Beurer India Customer Support: Call 011 25499537 | email:




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