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Royale Microfiber Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins (Class I & II)

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Check for latest offers before ordering

Check for latest offers before ordering

Ideal for: early(Class 1) to developed/advanced (Class 2) Varicose Veins with highly noticeable oedema (fluid buildup), Deep Vein Thrombosis, Veinous Insufficiency in the valves of the deeper veins. Also useful for post-surgical recovery following surgery for Varicose Veins or after healing of minor ulcers


Premium Microfiber fabric made with Swiss Yarn with MST Technology following RAL standards. Available in 2 Graduated Compression Levels: Class I (18 - 21 mmHg) & Class II (23 - 32 mmHg). For individuals with height between 159 cm - 184 cm (5 ft. 1 inch - 6 ft.)

  • Extra-soft, high-quality microfiber fabric absorbs moisture and prevents skin irritation or rashes even while wearing the stockings for a prolonged duration
  • The compression in the stockings is generated using the latest technology which ensures graduated compression from ankle to knee/mid-thigh, to effectively prevent backflow of blood, swelling and fatigue.
  • Microfiber based yarn retains compression levels longer than nylon/lycra
  • 2 length variants available as per the patient’s need - Knee-Length(AD) & Thigh Length (AGH) variants depending on the area affected.
  • Can be used as a daily wear by both men and women with regular socks and shoes.
  • Perfect for using at home, at work or during travel. Easy to wash and maintain
  • Open toe stockings are easier to wear and remove with the aid of a slider

  • Class I & II Compression Stockings: As per American classification, Class I compression stockings provide mild compression (18-21 mmHg pressure) at the ankle and are preventive in nature. It is best for tired & heavy legs, mild venous weakness, early stages of Varicose Veins, DVT etc. Class II are more for developed Varicose/Spider Veins, post-surgery oedema and swelling etc. They offer graduated compression from 23 - 32 mmHg beginning at the ankle
  • Graduated Compression: These stockings provide graduated compression thereby exerting maximum pressure at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf and thigh. This helps the flow of the blood back to the heart relieving pain, fatigue and swelling of the feet
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Sorgen Microfiber compression stockings are produced in accordance with latest medical knowledge and state of art textile technology. They contain fibers tested in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Microfiber Fabric: Made of extra-soft and superior quality microfiber fabric, the stockings absorbs moisture from the skin, preventing perspiration from clinging on to the skin. This prevents rashes, irritation and skin reddening. It ensures your legs stay cool and comfortable in all weather conditions
  • International Standards: The Sorgen Microfiber stockings are manufactured by strictly adhering to the international RAL standards. The pressure in the stockings in generated and measured using the latest MST (Medical Stocking Test) technology. Compliance with high-tech manufacturing standards ensures that the stockings retains its compression level and shape even after repeated washing

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Usefulness: 4.6 | Uniqueness: 4.8 | Quality: 4.6


The microfiber material has definitely caught our attention as it puts the product into a premium class - both for longevity and comfort


The fact that the MST standards have been followed is a critical element of the manufacturing process and showcase adherence to global norms

- Sumit



Brand Sorgen
Variants Length: 2 (Knee-Length, Thigh Length) | Class: I & II | (Size: 5 (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large) | Colour: Beige
Last Updated Jan 2020
Dimensions Knee-length Medium Unstretched: 42 cm (l) x 24 cm (circumference at Calf ) x 17 cm (circumference at Ankle) x 12 cm (Circumference at mid-foot | Outer Pouch : 34 cm x 16 cm
Thigh-length Large Unstretched: 62 cm (l) x 40 cm (circumference at Thigh) x 18 cm (circumference at Ankl ) x 14 cm (Circumference at mid-foot | Pouch : 34 cm x 16 cm | 4 cm Silicon Band at Thigh
Weight/ Volume Knee-length: 71 g. approx | Thigh-length: 150 g. approx
Technical Material: 69% Polyamide, 31% Lycra Elastane, Silicone Band
In the Package 1 Pair Sorgen Royale (Microfiber) Medical Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins Class II (AD/AGH), Slider [Product Code: ]
Developed In India
Country of Origin Egypt
Certifications/ Awards OEKO-TEX Standard 100, CE, TUV


Usage/ Application Class II Medical Compression Stockings for mild Varicose Veins. Don't use if heat generating ointments have been applied
Note: Do not wear this product if warming or heat generating ointments/liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Can be hand or machine-washed. Do not scrub with abrasives, use mild abrasives only. Air-dry in a flat position. 
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store away from heat or sunlight. 
Warranty & Guarantee As per Seller & Affiliate eCommerce Site policy




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