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Ideal for: extended support for chronic back pain, post surgery aid due to Spinal Injury, Stroke, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Degenerative Disc Disease, Vertebral Injury, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Spinal Osteoarthritis and other spinal disorders.

Now with a New Mesh Material and Design (Black/Grey)

  • Supports the spine, neck and back muscles to provide for more natural body posture
  • Upright posture aids in breathing, eating, food digestion, blood circulation and other necessary bodily functions during rehabilitation
  • Stress levels on spinal column can be changed by varying angle of recline (6 optional angles)
  • Comfortable for use over long hours with mesh fabric on back and soft padded fabric on seat
  • Does not shift away from back unlike other back rests which need to be wedged - can be used outdoors and during travel too
  • Easy to wash and store/pack with sturdy materials plus folding design

  • Adjustable Recliner: Has 6 high quality notches to adjust angle of sitting from 90o to 30o
  • Mesh Fabric: Nylon based fabric to help the skin of the back breathe and avoid rashes/bedsores. (Inner area is 53 cm wide - kindly check the users shoulder dimensions before ordering)
  • Pillow: Includes a small pillow whose height can be varied based on user
  • Epoxy Coated Metal Frame: Sturdy enough to use for bearing upper torso weight up to 45 kgs (approx overall body weight - 80 kgs)
  • Soft Padded Seat: An extension that also ensures the backrest stays in place as well as makes it usable beyond the bed (diwans, outdoor sofas, lounge seats, grass and other surfaces as well as during travel). Has a soft beige upper and and faux leather lower
  • Leatherite Protectors: Help prevent damage to the mesh when folded for storage

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Vissco India
  • Variants: 1
  • Item Code: VIBR01
  • Usage/Application: Usage/Application: As a bed type back rest for
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Only in case of manufacturing defects when notified within 3 days of delivery
  • Return/Refund: We offer an easy exchange on this product only in case of manufacturing defects when informed within 3 days of delivery. This product cannot be returned/exchanged for safeguarding user hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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  • Prepaid:
    • Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking (RTGS) and Prepaid Wallet
    • International Credit & Debit Cards are also accepted
    • EMI option is valid orders above ₹ 3000 for multiple banks
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Dimensions Overall (folded): 60 cm (l) x 64 cm (b) x 12 cm (h) | Open: 90 cm (l) x 64 cm (b) x 58 cm (h) | Backrest: 58 cm (l) x 56 cm (w), Nylon Mesh: 43 cm (l) x 53 cm (w), Pillow: 19.5 cm (l) x 33 cm (h) | Seat: 44 cm (l) x 42 cm (w) x 2 cm (thickness) | Base: 50 cm (l) x 49 cm (w)
Weight/ Volume 2.8 kg approx
Technical Material: Epoxy Coated/Anodised Aluminium, PVC, Nylon
In the Package 1 Adjustable Backrest for Bed [Product Code: 0116]
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards CE (European Standards) & GMP Registered, ISO 9001 & 13485 Certified Organisation. Carries original Vissco Holographic Sticker


Usage/ Application As a back seating support (adjustable between 90o to 30o)
Care & Maintenance Clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not use abrasive materials or detergents to clean the rod or the handle. Mesh net and seat can be cleaned lightly with a soft liquid fabric cleaner
Do not submerge in water - frame is not rust proof
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in a folded position. Protect the frame from scratches and dents to extend life of the product. Ensure the mesh and seat do not come in contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces during storage or use
Warranty & Guarantee 3 months from date of sale only in case of manufacturing defects
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes      Surface: Yes

+Hey Zindagi Review


Usefulness: 4.0 | Uniqueness: 3.8 | Quality: 3.2


One of the earliest products we loved from the VISSCO range of supports


A good construct at a great price point in terms of purchase


We look forward to an upgrade that is more ergonomically designed for better portability

- Sumit

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