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Ideal for: providing controlled compression and rigid support to weak knees. Beneficial for pain relief in cases of Osteoarthritis, Chondromalacia/Runner’s Knee (damage to the cartilage under the kneecap), meniscus tears, tendon or ligament injury, muscular sprains and strains of the knee. Retains natural body heat for natural therapy


  • Provides support in chronic laxity or instability of the knee joint due to old age
  • Stabilizes in case of patellar dislocation or fracture
  • Assists in post-cast care and post-surgical rehabilitation of the knee
  • Reduces chances of injury in seniors during normal daily activities Also prevents sports-induced injury
  • Economical wrap-around style knee brace that's easy to wear by self, has adjustable compression levels at multiple points and comfortable for regular use

  • Neoprene bonded nylon fabric: The product is four-way stretchable with breathable neoprene body, which guarantees comfortable compression, improved grip and increases durability. Aids in faster healing of injury by retention of natural body heat for pain relief. Offers good color fastness and appealing aesthetics
  • Anterior patellar opening: The anterior patellar opening is provided with a patellar buttress that eases pressure on the patella and holds the patella in position in case of patellar dislocation or patellofemoral diseases It improves blood circulation in the area and provides massaging action that helps in faster healing
  • Wrap around design and hook-loop closing system: Allows easy application and removal. Also enables customizable compression and better sizing flexibility
  • Rigid side splinting: The rigid side splint bears extra pressure to relieve the knee joint of any load
  • Anti tourniquet strapping: Ergonomic design with anti-tourniquet type strapping minimises chances of constriction to blood flow and ensures snug fitting of the product
  • Bi-axial hinge: The hinge is contoured as per the shape of the knee joint and ensures better relief while allowing free flexion (bending) movement of the knee joint. It supports the cruciate ligament in the knee at all angles of flexion

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  • Brand: Tynor India
  • Variants: 6 (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large, Triple Extra Large)
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  • Item Code: TYOR44
  • Usage/Application: Controlled compression and rigid support for weak knees
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Only in case of manufacturing defects when notified within 3 days of delivery
  • Return/Refund: We offer an easy exchange on this product only in case of manufacturing defects when informed within 3 days of delivery. Do check size chart before ordering. This product cannot be returned/exchanged for safeguarding user hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions SIZE M Overall (unstretched): 295 mm (l) x 390 mm (width at thigh) + 345 mm (width at calf) + 240 mm (width at knee) | Knee open patella: 25 mm (diameter) | Kneecap Padding: 10 mm | Thigh (velcro base): 70 mm (l) x 70 mm (w), (fastener) : 65 mm (l) x 50 mm (w) | Thigh (velcro strep) : 230 (l) x 37 mm (w) (fastener) : 45 mm (l) x 37 mm (w) | Calf (velcro base) : 70 mm (l) x 70 mm (w), (fastener) : 65 mm (l) x 50 mm (w) | Calf (velcro strep) : 165 mm (l) x 37 mm (w) | Adjustable velcro strep for thigh : 140 mm (l) x 37 mm (w), (fastener) : 45 mm (l) x 37 mm (w) | Adjustable velcro strep for Calf : 105 mm (l) x 37 (w), (fastener) : 45 mm (l) x 37 mm (w)
Weight/ Volume 417 g approx
Technical Material: Aluminium, Polyester, Polyamide, Neoprene, Mild Steel
In the Package 1 Knee Support Hinged (Neoprene) [Product Code: J15BCZ], Instruction Manual
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards Tynor India is a ISO:9001, W.H.O G.M.P Standards and ISO: 13485 certified manufacturer. This product carries the CE (Cleared For European Markets) mark.


Usage/ Application Controlled compression and rigid support for weak knees
Care & Maintenance Should be hand washed with mild detergent and water below 30oC without wringing. Should not be dry-cleaned, ironed or bleached. The hook loop fasteners must be closed before washing. Should be air dried on a flat surface away from sunlight
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store when not in use after washing and thorough drying. Replace once elasticity reduces due to repeated use.
Warranty & Guarantee Only in case of manufacturing defects when notified within 3 days of delivery
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes Surface: Yes

+Hey Zindagi Review


Usefulness: 4.3 | Uniqueness: 4.0 | Quality: 3.8


A hinged knee wrap is a great idea for those who will struggle to bend and pull on a partially open knee support. Therefore, yes we do like the product approach


The fabric could've been made a bit more longer lasting though, with better loops than the current ones in plastic.

- Sumit




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