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Ideal for: providing effective support, decompression(relieving pressure on a body part) and controlled immobilization of the lower back. Advanced lacepull mechanism aids in a range of issues from injury, muscle strain post-surgical stabilization of spine, slipped disc as well as vertebral fractures. Easy to adjust design that works at home, travel and office, made of long lasting materials

Also known as an LS Corset, this is unique offering in the Indian Market

  • Semi-rigid splints deliver controlled and independent lumbosacral(lower back) support in Intervertebral Disc Syndrome, spinal fractures, herniated discs and degenerative disorders of the lumbar spine (Osteoarthritis)
  • Helpful for seniors in pain relief from Osteoporosis, lumbar spondylitis, Sciatica, slipped disc, Spinal stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal), Spondylolisthesis (one bone slides/moves out of line from the bone below it), ligament disorders, muscular sprains and strains in the lower back
  • Easy to wear and remove with minimum effort. 2 variants available for waist size 28" - 40"(Universal)and 40" - 52"(Special)
  • Special design ensures the ability to adjust compression for comfort, flexibility and durability

  • Lace Pull Mechanism: Latest mechanism used in high-quality orthopaedic belts and braces. Designed to provide customizable compression on lumbar (lower back) and lower thoracic (chest) vertebrae via multiplication effect, i.e, generating a good compression on the abdominal and chest cavity with very less force
  • Anatomical Back Panel: The rigid back panel is anatomically shaped to give a perfect fit around the waist and provide decompression and effective immobilization of the lumbosacral region. This also helps in correcting postural deformity
  • Front Panel with Anterior Plate: The front panel holds a rigid anterior plate that improves the decompression of intervertebral discs
  • Independent top-bottom pressure control: When the abdominal cavity expands during breathing, the belt automatically stretches and decompresses to reduce pressure on the lumbar intervertebral discs
  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design of the brace allows the user to adjust the levels of compression as per need and comfort
  • Nylon Fabric Body: The brace is made of specially woven nylon fabric which is highly porous, well-ventilated - increases patient’s comfort on wearing for a long duration
  • High Durability: The brace maintains its effectiveness, colour and elegant appearance throughout a long functional life

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Tynor India
  • Variants: 2 (Universal, Special)
  • Item Code: TYOR46
  • Usage/Application: Brace for lower back immobilization and decompression
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Only in case of manufacturing defects when notified within 3 days of delivery
  • Return/Refund: We offer an easy exchange on this product only in case of manufacturing defects when informed within 3 days of delivery. Do check size chart before ordering. This product cannot be returned/exchanged for safeguarding user hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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  • Prepaid:
    • Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking (RTGS) and Prepaid Wallet
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    • EMI option is valid orders above ₹ 3000 for multiple banks
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Dimensions Main Back Belt: 71 cm (l) (unstretched) + 79 cm (l) (full length) x 21 cm (l) | Plastic Inner Spliny: 140 gm , 25 cm (l) x 26 cm (W) | Abdominal Pad: 60 gm, 44 cm (l) x 18 cm (w) | Back Pad: 43 gm, 28 cm (L) x 27 cm (W)
Weight/ Volume Weight : 661 gm
Technical Material: Nylon, Plastics
In the Package 1 Tynor Lumbo Lacepull Brace [Product Code: A29UBZ], Instruction Manual
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards Tynor India is a ISO:9001, W.H.O G.M.P Standards and ISO: 13485 certified manufacturer. This product carries the CE (Cleared For European Markets) mark.


Usage/ Application Advanced lacepull brace for lower back immobilization and decompression
Care & Maintenance Should only be hand-washed with mild detergent in water (below 30°C) without wringing. Close the hook-loop fasteners before washing. Wipe the plastic parts with moist lint-free cloth and mild detergent. Should not be bleached, ironed or dry-cleaned. Air dry on a flat surface away from heat or sunlight
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store when not in use after washing and thorough drying. Replace once elasticity reduces due to repeated use.
Warranty & Guarantee Only in case of manufacturing defects when notified within 3 days of delivery
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes Surface: Yes

+Hey Zindagi Review


Usefulness: 4.5 | Uniqueness: 4.7 | Quality: 4.3


Brilliance. Tynor has certainly pushed the design standards with this product - both for the convenience of compression and ease of wear.


Nothing like this in the market so far.


The splints are semi-rigid so will not provide the same level of support as the metal insert based belts, but for most moderate back pain needs, nothing better than this right now in the economy range.


The multiple layers of paddings might lead to sweating in warmer zones.

- Sumit




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