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Ideal as: supportive aid for using the toilet especially if affected by Paraplegia, Cerebral Palsy, advanced Osteoarthritis, injuries and disorders of legs, hips and spine, Ataxia, Parkinson’s disease or other related mobility limitations. Also useful during chest or abdominal post-surgery rehabilitation period as well for overweight individuals

  • Levels the commode seat with normal height of wheelchair helping in easier transfer of the patient to the toilet. Similarly reduces stress on knee and other limb joints while sitting down or standing up for those suffering from arthritis and orthopaedic disorders
  • Avoids cost of refitting/new commode as it adapts easily on top of the existing seat
  • Can be easily secured onto the bowl and removed with a large twist knob by self or with minimal assistance
  • Easy to cleanand helps in maintaining better hygiene
  • Designed to match the contours of lower body providing comfortable seating even for obese patients
  • Fits toilet widths between 320 mm to 400 mm

  • Convenient design: The seat is contoured to suitably fit on top of most toilet bowls in India. Its shape is perfectly contoured for the lower body ensuring comfort for the user
  • High grade plastic: This product is manufactured in a high quality plastic with antibacterial properties which makes it easy to clean the surface after using and promotes long term durability
  • Large adjustable grip and knob: To make the seat function with different commode sizes, an expandale grip with large knob has been fitted. It has an easy twist mechanism so it takes little time to secure or remove

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: VISSCO India
  • Variants: 3 (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Item Code: VIBA01
  • Usage/Application: As an adaptive aid for using the commode
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Only in case of manufacturing defects when notified within 3 days of delivery
  • Return/Refund: We offer an easy exchange on this product only in case of manufacturing defects when informed within 3 days of delivery. This product cannot be returned/exchanged for safeguarding user hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

+Payment Options
  • Prepaid:
    • Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking (RTGS) and Prepaid Wallet
    • International Credit & Debit Cards are also accepted
    • EMI option is valid orders above ₹ 3000 for multiple banks
    • We also offer payment via Direct PayTM Transfers, Banker's Cheques & NEFT too. Contact Us for assistance
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Dimensions Size 4”: Overall 400 mm (l) x 360 mm (w) x 100 mm (h) | Internal Cavity: 260 mm (l) x 200 mm (w) |
Seat Width: 65 mm | Upper frontal pelvic slot 100 mm, Upper rear slot (for washer) 70 mm | Base Rim Clip front 70 mm (wide gap), Rear Rim 46 mm (w)
Width of Commode 400 mm (max) + 320 mm (min)
Weight/ Volume 910 g (Approx.)
Technical Material : Thermoplastic, Rubber
In the Package Comfort Elevated Commode Seat [Product Code: 0945], Gripping Knobs
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards VISSCO is a CE (European Standards) & GMP Registered, ISO 9001 & 13485 Certified Organisation. Carries original Vissco Holographic Sticker


Usage/ Application As a supportive aid for using the commode
Care & Maintenance Wipe the surface clean with antibacterial cleaners and dry after every usage. Avoid using abrasive materials
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Place in a clean place after washing away from heat and sunlight
Warranty & Guarantee 3 months from date of sale only in case of manufacturing defects
Shipping Mode Air/Express: No      Surface: Yes

+Hey Zindagi Review


Usefulness: 4.0 | Uniqueness: 3.8 | Quality: 4.3


While many options are present in the market, we went with this one due to the finish of the plastic and its sturdiness


The large plastic knobs are definitely better than the others in terms of usability and gripping quality, this makes it easier to maintain as well

- Sumit



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