Oppo Medical USA

Soft Hot & Cold Bag

Check for latest offers before ordering

Check for latest offers before ordering

Ideal for:Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout and other musculoskeletal disorders, headache, swelling and other soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendons, ligaments), post rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises. Good to have one in every home medical kit

  • Helps in reducing swelling, headaches and pain
  • Relaxes tight joints or muscles
  • Comfortable to holdthanks to large and soft ABS plastic head
  • Alternate between Hot and Cold Therapyeasily using ice, cold water or hot water* as the high quality TPU lining and polyester outer adapt quickly


For Cold Therapy:

  • Fill the bag up to two-thirds with Ice, Cold Water or both
  • Apply directly to the desired area for reducing swelling or post exercising

For Heat Therapy:

  • Fill the bag up to two-thirds at most with Hot Water (*maximum temperature 45o C)
  • Apply directly over joint for pain relief from Arthritis or to reduce stiffness in joints


  • Use it for a maximum of 20 minutes per hour at a stretch - whether for hot or cold therapy
  • Keep an eye out for discomfort or skin irritation. Pause use instantly
  • Do not use Water heated beyond 45oC. It will damage the inner lining of the bag
  • Avoid direct contact with open wounds

+Hey Zindagi Review


Usefulness: 4.2 | Uniqueness: 3.8 | Quality: 4.3


A well-designed product with good quality build


Simple and ready to use anytime. TPU lining and Polyester outer retain temperature for reasonably long periods


The ABS cap makes for a convenient and soft grip


Hopefully, there will be a strap attachment soon to free the hands


- Shweta



Brand Oppo Medical USA
Variants 1 (Length of Bag - 229 mm | 9 inches)
Last Updated Jan 2020
Dimensions Size Medium (Unfilled): 229 mm (l) Cap Neck: 50 mm (Diameter) Skin Contact Area (Two-Thirds Full): 170 mm (Diameter)
Weight/ Volume Dry Weight: 83.5 g approx
Technical Materials: 40% TPU (Lining), 40% Polyester (Bag), 10% ABS (Plastic Cap & Neck), 5% Aluminium (Outer Neck Hold), 5% Silicon (Cap Washer). Colour: Green with White Print
In the Package 1 Soft Ice/Warm Bag [Product Code: 3978]
Developed In USA
Country of Origin USA
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for European Standards


Usage/ Application For pains and ache relief plus reducing swelling. Both Hot and Cold Therapy
Care & Maintenance Hand wash the bag in cold water. Air dry thoroughly leaving the cap open.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in cool and dry place after air drying it well. Do not bleach, iron or dry-clean the bag.
Keep out of reach of children.
Warranty & Guarantee As per Seller & Affiliate eCommerce Site policy

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