Foot Drop

Struggling with Foot Drop?

Foot drop is not a disease but symptom or result of muscle damage, nerve damage, skeletal or anatomical abnormalities in the foot. It may occur in one or in both feet. Symptoms include exaggerated motion of the hip, limp foot, tingling, numbness, pain, and inability to lift the front part of the foot due to weakening of muscles. Foot drop results in loss of balance making it difficult to walk without assistance. It is characterized by steppage gait (raising the thigh up while walking as if climbing the stairs) and can be temporary or sometimes permanent.
Physical therapy is helpful to strengthen your feet and leg muscles. Wearing foot braces and wraps helps in the management of foot drop by stabilizing the ankle and feet. Shoe inserts like silicone heel cushions keep your feet in normal position. Walking sticks and walkers provide necessary support during walking and grab rails help you to move around safely within the house. Anti-slip tapes, mats, and floor polish can be used on staircase and wet zones to prevent falls and accidents. Compression therapy using heating pads, foot warmer, infrared massagers, hot and cold gel packs provide pain relief.

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