Certain conditions may put limitations on your movement with aging. Walking, moving or simply standing up may seem an arduous task. A wide range of mobility aids is available now to put an end to this. A standard walking stick with a T-shaped handle or L-shaped Fritz handle is the perfect companion for you during regular morning or evening walks. The Vissco and Tynor walking canes are elegant in aesthetic appeal and sturdy in support with firm rubber base. For extra support, especially for those with weak footing due to Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's, Ataxia etc., a quadripod or tripod walking stick is the best choice. If you easily run out of breath while walking, due to asthma or chronic fatigue, you may opt for walking stick with seat which allows the provision of a seat anywhere. During post stroke or post surgical recovery, walkers are a better choice over walking sticks as they provide additional four points of support and reduces the chances of falling. Hemiplegic walker and reciprocal walker are customized for those with hemiplegia, paraplegia, cerebral palsy or similar mobility impairments. All the walking sticks and walkers are height adjustable and can withstand at least a weight of 100 kgs (70kgs in case of walking stick with seat). If the pods of your walking cane or walker wear out after prolonged use, you need not change the entire device, rather you can now just replace the pod easily. For addressing your bathroom needs, comfort commode chairs are available which are portable and easy to clean & maintain.

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