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+Connecting during working hours

10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m [Mondays to Saturdays, except Holidays]

    Call Us at +91 98 7360 3605
    Speak to us directly to place an order, know more about a product or issue or simply to share a thought. We'd love to talk it through.
    Want us to browse the site with you real time and help you with answers along the way? We're just a click away - press the red Help button floating on your right.
    Leave us a message in the non-working hours and we will get back to you on the next working day or earlier.
    Please message us at: +91 9911549595
    Do remember to save the number before you message! Please note that this number cannot solve customer support queries; It is solely to access WhatsApp share-able messages and to be a part of Hey Zindagi WhatsApp Groups.

+24 / 7 Solutions
    Our clarifications on common queries that might be going through your mind.
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    Tell us what's on your mind and we will resolve it at the earliest. Works just like email.
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  • WRITE TO US AT: TLC@heyzindagi.in
    We make it a point to answer within 1 working day.

+One to One

On the website when you click Support, you will find an option on the extreme right to Book a Call / Book a Visit. This is how it works and why it's there -

    If at all you couldn't reach us on +91 98 7360 3605 during working hours or if the wait time was too high or if you simply don't wish to be bothered with the effort,
    Fill the Book a call form with details and choose a convenient time band.

    P.S: We will do our best to call you during this time period. Should we fail, we seek your patience to provide us an alternate time spot that we can make up at.
    We're sorry if you had to wait for long time or could not connect with us for any other reason and assure you that we'll call you back.
    This service is aimed to listen intently so that they can help when they visit you.
    We will bring in select samples of our product range so that you can get an idea of the quality and material standards that we follow.
    Additionally, should you need it, they also assist you in placing an order and ensure complete support in case of questions after the product has been delivered to you.

    We would need your support in organizing a group of close friends or society members who you believe will also benefit from this visit.
    P.S: As we grow, our reach will become better, yet for now our team can visit select areas in Delhi
    You can Book a visit here.

+I tried calling the call center 
but no one responded!

Really sorry about that!

Surely, all the Smile Champions must've been attending to other callers before you. Our working hours are between 10 am to 6 pm (expect Sundays and Public Holidays).

If you have left your name and number on the voicemail we shall call you back at the first available opportunity, within 24 working hours and if you've mentioned the word 'urgent' in your voicemail we will call up within a couple of hours for sure.

However, we trust that you will use your best judgement to decide whether the nature of conversation required is 'urgent' or not.

In case you've skipped leaving your name and number, you can -


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