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Personalise your gift bannerWelcome!


Now that you've chosen and ordered what you want to buy for the most special lady in your life, let's get started on personalising your gift. All you need to do is fill the form with the necessary details apart from uploading your chosen photograph.


Once we get the details and go through your inputs, we will put the elements together and reach out in case anything's missing or we notice a gap.


A few things you must remember:

  1. Photograph: We recommend uploading a scanned photograph or a pic taken from a good quality digital camera or smartphone. 
    Do ensure there is space to add content on the image, so that we are not forced to cover your faces.
    File dimensions: 2000px x 1600 px approximately or 3 MP atleast.
    Please do not send us images forwarded via Whatsapp or other chat providers, since they are low resolution leading to poor printing quality.
  2. Quote and Message: Short is sweet and easily placed. We will be able to  deliver content typed in English, though it might be in any language or your choice.
  3. Time: Please share the image at the earliest. We will need 48 working hours after we receive your order and picture/quote to ship the order out.
  4. In case of any issues, please email us on or Chat with us on Whatsapp @ 098 7360 3605

    You may refer to all Terms and Conditions here.

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